About The Comb

We started with an idea that has lead to the patenting of an awesome invention that was capable of removing debris from many types of surfaces and reduce the chance of scratching or damage to the surface. As testing continued, we discovered The Comb’s awesome ability to accomplish many tasks (click for information) that has been a difficult and frustrating for consumers to maintain their homes and gardens.

Our Mission

We are committed in providing the highest quality product while maintaining pricing that offers every homeowner the ability to purchase and use our product.

Products and Services Overview

We are the only company that manufactures and distributes this product. This gives us the advantage of offering the best quality service and product. Our product is unique, patented, and proven. 

Company Story

The very first house The Comb was used on was awesome. The homeowner was so impressed with The Comb’s effectiveness, they wanted to pay extra. 

We have experienced other occasions where homeowners were having trouble maintaining or selling their homes because of the debris on the roof, the screen, between the bushes and fence, or in the flower beds. With the use of The Comb their frustration was over. Many homeowners have tried to find the one solution to remove debris easily. Now they have…. The Comb is easy and very effective.