What surfaces can you use The Comb on?

The Comb easily removes pine needles, leaves, and other small debris from screen and pool enclosures, rooftops, and all other surfaces around your home. You can even use The Comb to clean up your yard and landscape areas.

How does the The Comb Work?

Screens – Once you have attached the The Comb to your pole, you will simply start at the middle of the surface and work your way towards the outer edges of the surface. You may have to adjust the angle of the The Comb until you find the best angle. Slowly and smoothly slide the The Comb over the surface where debris is located. Do not comb over any holes, or use on worn screen or on screen in need of repair.

Home – Use The Comb like a soft rake, dragging it smoothly over shingled and tiled surfaces, to remove debris and snow. Remove leaves, dirt, and branches sitting on your rooftop and avoiding the debris and snow from causing rotting and major repair or replacement costs.

Landscaping – The Comb is more then an ordinary garden rake. The Comb will clean your yard with less effort and because of it’s unique design and adjustable angles, The Comb is great for getting into those hard to reach areas near fencing and bushes where an ordinary rake cant reach.

What is the The Comb made out of?

Polypropylene, a durable plastic that allows for flexibility while maintaining the shape of the The Comb.

What poles does The Comb attach to?

The Comb fits on any pole that has a threaded end or a two button snap attachment. You can buy these types of poles at any home improvement store such as: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart and Pinch-A-Penny.

Can you use the The Comb from the outside and the inside of an enclosure?

The Comb ideally works on the outside of enclosures, in order to reduce the risk of damaging screen enclosures. Logically most of the debris found on the outside of enclosures is there because the screen did it’s job and stopped debris from entering inside the enclosure. However, you can remove short needles, such as pine and fir needles from the inside of the enclosure, if necessary.

Will The Comb ruin or damage my screen?

No. The Comb was tested by using a standard fiberglass screen. The screen was combed in the same area over 300 times and there was no noticeable damage to the screen. At 4 times a year for 20 years you would have combed your screen 80 times. At this point your screen will most likely need replacement sue to age and normal wear.

Can The Comb remove the short needles from enclosures? If so, how does it work?

Yes. The sand pine or fir needles (which are generally short needles) usually fit through the hole of your screen enclosure. Within days they get dry and brittle causing them to become more difficult to remove. The Comb has a dual action side with one side made for the pine needles and the straight edge, with notches across the length, for short needles. Both sides can be used for other types of debris. In this case, you can use The Comb from the inside or outside to remove the short needles. Simply and smoothly comb over the needles, causing the heads of the needles to break off. The needles will then fall through the enclosure. When doing this, it is recommend that you lay painters plastic down to protect patio surfaces and to reduce clean up of needles from the pool and/or porch area.

How long does it take to clean a screen enclosure?

The average 1500 sq. ft. in most conditions, takes less than one hour to clean.

How often does my enclosure have to be clean?

Once you have done the initial cleaning, you will perform periodic cleaning based on your own preference and landscaping. It is recommend that you at least clean your enclosure four times a year. This will allow you to continue to easily clean off your screens before they build up with debris and possibly become damaged from sap.